Twitch Commands

When you’re in my Twitch, here you’ll find a list of commands you can use while in chat!

General Commands

!about: Give a brief description about me
: will give you information on how to give bits and where to get them
!break: Tell SpringSims to take a break and stretch and drink water
!ccblogs: Link to my Sims 4CC Finds Tumblr
!commands: Will give a link to my website to a list of all the commands you can use
!creatorcamp: Will give a link to Twitch’s Creator Camp about streaming
!christmas: A countdown timer to christmas
!discord: will give you a link to the SpringSquad Discord channel
!donate: will give you a link to a donation page
!follow: Display a message saying to follow to be notified when I go live
!followage: shows how long you’ve been followed to SpringSims
!gallery: Displays my Origin ID for the Sims 4 Gallery
!grim: Tell why I don’t like the Grim Reaper
!houseideas: will give you a link to my Pinterest page that is filled with house ideas for builds
!hi5: allows you to hi 5 someone in the chat
!hug: allows you hug someone in the chat
!meme: Give a link to a funny video
!meme2: give you a  funny meme
!movie: tells when we have our annual movie night
!notwords: What are words?
!prime: will give you information on how to subscribe for free with Twitch Prime
!reshade: gives a link to my reshade preset I made for my Sims 4 game
!rules: Give the general rules my streams
!save: will give a message saying to save my game
!specs: My current computer specs
!shortcuts: Link to a mod I use for cheat shortcuts (highly recommend)
!sub: will give you a link to a place to where you can subscribe to become a Twitch Subscriber

!time: tells what time it is in my time zone
!uptime: Tells how long I’ve been streaming
!video: What was my latest video I uploaded on YouTube

Social Commands

!twitter: will give a link to my twitter
!youtube: will give a link to my YouTube channel
!instagram: will give a link to my Instagram profile
!follow: Give a link to follow me on Twitch

Sound Commands

!babydance | !first | !jj | !lumps | !mysong | !omg | 


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