Make Your Own Save File In The Sims 4

I decided to make this post because I’m working on creating a save file, and I want to remember how I did so I won’t forget. I hope you find this post helpful to successfully make your own save file and put it up for download.

To make your own save file and make it available for everyone you’ll have to go to your saves folder

Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Saves

For Example, My Spring Save says I last saved on the 13th of April at 7:20 PM, and when I go into my game, it will say the same thing.

Make sure to look at the date column that will tell you what time and date you last saved in the save file.

Once you find it make sure you include the Save File along with Ver0 – Ver4, that should consist of all the townies you’ve created, including the relationships they formed and jobs as well as the builds you made.

Put all those into a zip file, and you should be good to go to release it to the public for download.


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