Welcome to the Hello Spring Podcast!

It’s arrived! I’ve started my first ever podcast called Hello Spring. I had an idea to do a podcast since I’ve started listening to podcasts like Pretty Basic, Hey Simsie, Lore, and Lavendaire Lifestyle Podcast. It was those podcasts that got me into the world of podcasting. I hope you all enjoy this new journey with me.

In this podcast, you’ll get insight into what happens behind the scenes of what it’s like being a content creator on different platforms, open and honest conversations from them.

You’ll hear topics ranging from

  • what’s happening in The Sims Community
  • stories about mental health
  • the video industry
  • social media
  • more

Make sure to tune in for the first episode February 22nd 2021 at 9 AM CST!

Follow the podcast on Twitter and Instagram!

Listen to the podcast trailer here!


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