3: The Sims, Imposter Syndrome & Balancing Personal Life vs Online Life w/ OshinSims

Hello everyone,

I wanted to tell you all I appreciate all the support you’ve shown on the podcast thus far. As we move forward on the podcast for the first season I thought it was time to bring on guests in the podcast to get another insights from other creators.

In this episode, I’m talk to OshinSims to play catch on what’s been happening in their lives. I take you on a deep dive to talk with OshinSims about what happens behind the scenes of what it’s like being a mom, wife, and content creator on YouTube all at the same time. Especially talking about the struggle so imposter syndrome and how we’ve dealt with it.

OshinSims Links
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/OshinSims
Twitter: https://twitter.com/OshinSims_

For my hard-of-hearing viewers, you’ll still be to enjoy the podcast too. Feel free to download the transcription here!

Show Notes:
Jhene Aiko
Imposter Syndrome Blog


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