Blake Mesa Custom Content List

Meet Blake Mesa, a 26-year-old who moved from Britchester to Willow Creek to live a new life after graduating with a Communication degree but has a dream to go back for her Arts degree while pursuing her book series about her life!

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Blake Mesa’s CC List

Maxis Match List:

Skin Details

Hairline | Skin Overlay | Highlight | Eyebrows | Eyes


Necklace | Hat


Eyeshadow | Blush | Lipstick


Hair | Shirt | Jeans

Alpha List:

Skin Details

Hairline | Skin Overlay | Skin Overlay #2 | Dimples | Eyebags | Highlight | Eyes | Eyebrows


Necklace | Earrings | Glasses


Eyeshadow | Eyeliner | Blush | Lipstick


Hair | Shirt | Pants | Shoes


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