About Me

Stephen J Works better known online as SpringSims is an American digital content creator & actor based out in Southern Illinois. He creates digital gaming/lifestyle content for YouTube, Twitch & other social media platforms.

On the year of 2011 when he wanted to start sharing the stories of his game (The Sims) only to find that there was a community of creators on YouTube. He shared his first video and fell in love with the idea of using The Sims to tell stories to inspire others through making short films using The Sims 2.

Stephen since then has created a brand for himself that has posted 2000+ videos on the SpringSims channel and now also hosts live streams multiple times a week on Twitch, where he plays a variety of cozy and story-driven games such as Stardew Valley, The Sims & Disney Dreamlight Valley.

He also created a weekly podcast called Hello Spring, where he interviews a variety of creators within the different creative industries.

Stephen has a wide obsession with the color yellow & was a Team Freezerbunny on The Sims Spark’d show on TBS & Buzzfeed.

Thank you for reading and I hope you all enjoy my journey!

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